CIMM’s Ocean Protection & Conservation Month

Currently on exhibit at CIMM: Anthropocene Kelp Forest installation by Emma Akmakdigan.

Emma Akmakdjian’s mixed media artworks trace the troubled relationship of human and environment through material byproducts of industrial processes. Born and raised in Southern California, her early passion as a tidal pool observer led her to create art inspired by the ecological changes she witnessed in urban water runoff. Emma creates art in conversation with scientists and members of diverse community groups, such as botanists of the Hualapai Indian Tribe. Her woven sculptures combine ancestral weaving practices with found industrial materials such as nylon commercial fishing rope. Emma’s sculptures consider the symbiotic influence of society and nature. The interconnected web of life is made apparent through repurposing material run-off; pollution, plastics, and overfishing debris returned from the Living Ocean.