At a time when most maritime artists were creating scenes of ships and the sea, artist John Stobart became interested in recreating the great harbors of America during the glory days of sail. His work represents an unmatched collection of port scenes, depicting an important era in our maritime history. While he carefully researches his subjects in order to reconstruct a scene as accurately as possible, Stobart enhances these powerful, historical scenes with lighting that creates a sense of season and time of day. It is Stobart’s singular talent and devotion to continuing the great tradition of the art form that has brought him to a place of preeminence in the world of maritime art.

In the maritime art of the twentieth century, John Stobart is that marine artist – he has extraordinary skill, and his dedication and universality of his message rises above all others. Stobart has single-handedly captured the spirit and brought back to life the golden age of American Commerce. Through his vision, we can sense once again what it must have been like to stroll the cobblestones along a busy wharf at dawn or marvel at the moonlight as it bathed the ships in the warmth of its special glow.