Message from the Board

The Channel Island Maritime Museum is many different things to many different people.  It is what makes our Museum so very special.  We celebrate this diversity and cherish it as we move forward.

Our goal is to engage the community in all aspects of our Maritime tradition and heritage through our world class art and model collection. We want to cultivate the museum as a cultural hub and educational center for our supporters and visitors by providing a gathering place for speakers, artists, historians, community groups and model builders.

Pat  Hart
Board President
Channel Islands Maritime Museum

Message from the Peter

Our strategic priorities are re-aligned to preserve and share the wonders of our maritime heritage, highlight our complex interrelationships with the ecology of our coastal waters, and showcase people’s creative expressions of everything related to the sea.

By harnessing the potential of history to inform our present and celebrating the meaning and emotional connection brought to us by the arts, we can be a catalyst for sharing stories, and forging cultural connections at the museum and in the community

Dr. Peter Crabbe
Executive Director
Channel Islands Maritime Museum

The Channel Islands Maritime Museum provides enriching experiences based on our maritime history ranging from ancient mariners to the modern marine era. We strive to enhance people’s understanding of our rich international and local seafaring heritage. With a focus on educational programs,  The museum serves as a cultural hub for our community by providing a gathering place and forum for speakers, a venue for amateur and professional artists, and as a host for community events and festivals.

Along with our focus on increasing the museum’s financial stability, we have also worked to visualize and unify around a dynamic forward-looking Strategic Framework from which to chart  our future. The Framework expresses our unique vision and values characterized by a “family” culture and a commitment to connect and collaborate with our community


A shared understanding of, and fascination for, the richness of our   maritime history and seafaring heritage.



We are fascinated by the sea and celebrate and share the joy that artists bring with their interpretations of all things maritime.


We nurture and promote a family, small museum, atmosphere where all are welcome.


We are always learning and experiment with agility to discover new ways to express the wonder of our maritime history and arts.


We motivate our audiences by sharing with our audiences our high-quality collection and involving our community in developing new experiences.


Expand our role as a museum serving Ventura County by collaborating with other local museums and learning Institutions.

The museum will focus on cultivating community partnerships and collaborations. We will focus on involving our audiences in events, exhibits, and programs at the museum and in the community as we find new ways  to celebrate our maritime heritage.


  • Cultivate existing, and research new audiences in Oxnard and other local, diverse communities.
  • Develop strategies to reach and serve new audiences.
  • Increase the museum’s focus on our local areas.
  • Become engaged and act as a hub for mission related issues in the community.
  • Build a solid and sustainable financial foundation for all the initiatives.
  • Leverage, capitalize, and further develop on our existing and excellent docent program which offers a custom experience for visitors.

The museum’s stellar collection and views across the water of the Channel Islands Harbor combine as an unparalleled  backdrop to experience maritime stories and culture.


  • Develop a plan for the development of CIMM’s collection to align with strategic goals and inform decision-making about the Museum’s Program

  • Foster a collaborative  agile community-based culture that supports and enlivens the organization’s  collections.


Grow the Museum’s collection while gearing its interpretation to inspire creativity and to make connections between maritime history and present-day life.


Build an inquiry-based learning model for exploring our maritime heritage.

The museum will focus on cultivating community partnerships and collaborations. We will focus on involving our audiences in events, exhibits, and programs at the museum and in the community as we find new ways  to celebrate our maritime heritage.


  • Identify Collection areas that support enquiry-based learning and invest in those areas.
  • Define the museum’s educational model to engage the public in maritime the history, arts,  technology, and ecology
  • Redesign the museum’s galleries to better support the museum’s content areas, support interactive enquiry-based learning, and support educational programs.
  • Collaborations with other educational organizations sharing similar pedagogy.
  • Design and brand  the museum’s facility, programs, and support materials to express the museums educational goals and philosophy.


Our Community Stories

Forming around the Keystone of our maritime heritage and collections CIMM is developing  programs, co-curated exhibits, community events, and increasing opportunities for digital engagement at and away from the museum.

Museum Family

Building on the museum’s reputation as a small grass roots organization with a “family atmosphere”, CIMM is structuring the operation to maintain its sense of charm and custom service as we continue to grow.

Reaching Out: Ventura and Beyond

Collaborating with other West Coast Museums and cultivating and involving county and state governments,  CIMM will stake Oxnard’s place within context of the history and culture of the West Coast’s rich maritime history and culture.

New Ways of Interpreting

Adopting a non-linear, interactive approach to history and the arts, we are developing  a program of overarching exhibit and program themes to enliven the galleries and associated programs and bring greater continuity to our visitors and stakeholders.