CIMM Virtual Speaker Series: Japanese Submarines and the Western Coast of the US

Most Central Coast residents are aware of the Japanese shelling of Goleta shortly after the outbreak of World War II. But few are aware of the submarine-borne a campaign that involved attacks on ships along the coast and bombing forests in Oregon to spread panic and the opening weeks of the war. The panic the attacks caused resulted in the famous “Battle of Los Angeles” and the internment of 110,000 Japanese-American citizens. In addition to the PowerPoint presentation, Mr. Lund will display a five-foot model of a Japanese C-1 Cruiser submarine and a smaller scale model of a B-1 aircraft-carrying submarine.

Steve Lund is a retired US Army Lt. Colonel and Master Army Aviator. He was involved in tours in Viet Nam, Alaska, Panama, and Korea. He has been involved in the commercial aviation industry, and also flying counterdrug surveillance and other enforcement operations for the California Department of Justice. Currently, he is involved in Veterans activities through two charitable organizations and is mentoring young people interested in aviation through the Junior ROTC program at Esperanza High School. Somewhere along the line, he became interested in maritime history, for he also writes a column on ship model building for Civil War Navy Magazine, and recently, has donated his personal Civil War ship models to this museum. 


The event is finished.


Oct 29 2020


7:00 pm - 8:00 pm