Channel Islands Maritime Museum Ship Model Guild



MEETING TIME: 6:30 pm   |   Third Tuesday of the Month

For the ship model enthusiast, CIMM is a Mecca of the art. The Museum sponsors a Ship Model Guild, an active club of local model builders, who meet once a month at the Museum. The public is welcome to attend the monthly meetings on the third Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm and all are welcome to join the Guild. Learn maritime history by building models of ships that made history. Techniques for wood, plastic or metal construction are addressed at the meetings. Every meeting is different as members discuss their progress during “show and tell” sessions. Interesting bits of information are exchanged about the ships of adventure on the high seas. Attend the meetings to learn an interesting and relaxing pastime and produce a lasting tangible piece of unique artwork.






Officers of the Bridge

Captain: Richard Walton

First Officer: Sergio Aragonés

Purser: Alan Rosenthal

Board of Directors

Sergio Aragonés

Bill Conroy