What is history? An echo of the past in the future; a reflex from the future on the past.

~ Victor Hugo

3,400 Year old Egyptian Anchor uncovered in Israel

February 2020 – A 3,400-year-old Egyptian anchor uncovered in Israel.  https://cutt.ly/GrOn0so #news

Rare Viking-era Boat Burial Sites Uncovered

Archaeologists in Sweden have uncovered two rare Viking-era boat burial sites during an excavation in Uppsala. It has been five decades since the last similar find in the area, and national archaeology agency Arkeologerna described the discovery as “sensational.”  

Remains of 500 year-old shipwreck retrieved from bottom of Baltic Sea in almost PERFECT condition

August 2019 – The remains of a 500-year-old ship that is so ‘astonishingly preserved’ it looks like it ‘sank yesterday’ were revealed recently following its discovery on the ocean floor. Experts found the incredible shipwreck – located 24 nautical miles from the Swedish coast – while scanning the icy depths of the Baltic Sea with a sonar device.

Now, further investigations by a team of international scientists, including a group from the University of Southampton, have revealed its pristine remains using underwater robotic technology.The vessel, which dates back to the Late 15th or early 16th Century, still has its masts in place, swivel guns on deck and even parts of its rigging remain. This, experts believe, is because a lack of oxygen in icy depths helps to deter sea animals from ravaging the remains.