About the CIMM Education Program

The museum offers a wide range of tours within the Education Program for students in grades 3-12. Students will be actively engaged with various exhibits in the museum.  Specific activities are designed for students of different ages to explore maritime history and culture at a level that is meaningful to them, creating the ultimate museum experience. Each of our Educational tours accommodates different educational situations and therefore requires a different minimum and maximum number of students. Details are listed for each tour. If your students have special needs, please be sure to let us know in advance so that we can accommodate our program to best meet their needs.

Our enriching field trips contribute to students’ appreciation of art and culture, engage their critical thinking skills, increase their historical empathy, and develop a life-long interest in the arts. The program is open to all schools and home school groups. Our education modules help teachers fulfill educational requirements with interactive, experiential lessons that can be built upon in the classroom before and after the field trip. Pre-field trip activities will help build background on the topics they will explore are available for teachers and parents to download. Cost is $5 per student and includes activity pages and take-home folders and pencils.

Unfortunately, we do not accept school or other large groups on free Third Thursdays.

 Picnic tables are available for you to eat lunch with a lovely Channel  Islands Harbor view!

Picnic tables are available for you to eat lunch with a lovely Channel  Islands Harbor view!


Once your trip has been booked, please refer to the Field Trip Guide for more information on procedures and directions for teachers and parents. 


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