Maritime Explorations

Maritime Exploration Through Time & Place

A Program for grades 4- 6

Your students will have a time travel experience that takes them back 400+ years to many places around the globe! Students will be challenged with activities incorporating:

  • Geography
  • Mathematics
  • Critical Thinking
  • Artistic Endeavors

Docents will work with students, in small groups, at discovery stations throughout the museum. Each station is approximately 1/2 hour in length. School visits can be individualized for both time and content. You will be able to select the modules that will provide the best enrichment possibilities for your students. This program accommodates a minimum of 8 students and 2 adults, maximum of 30 students. 

For smaller groups or different grade levels, please see Maritime Adventures Tours.

Student activities:

Life of a Sailor

Students absorb details about sailors’ lives aboard wooden sailing ships on ocean voyages in centuries past. What they learn is reinforced by the opportunity to perform several of the sailors’ daily tasks – including the treatment of scurvy!


seascape art and drawing techniques 

Students explore art concepts and techniques through several different art masterpieces from contemporary times to the Dutch Masters art of the 1600s. They apply what they learned when they sketch the beginning of their own masterpiece, which they can finish back at school or at home.


Age of Exploration

Students follow early nautical explorers and their contributions to exploration and discovery of North America. Module activities incorporate geography, critical thinking, and creative writing skills.


Asiatic Expeditions

Focuses on Chinese Treasure Ships that sailed between 1405 and 1433. Students engage in an interactive exercise to identify cargo items carried by these ships. Students also identify China’s trading partners, increasing their knowledge of the geography of Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.


Floating Lab (Museum Partner) *Additional Fees Apply

This “on-board” experience offers an innovative approach to heighten students’ understanding of the marine environment. On board the Constitution, holding live sea stars, spiny sea urchins, bat rays, and octopus are a few of the common opportunities available.


pre field trip activities

Our Education Committee has found that front-loading the experience with background information greatly enhances students’ field trip. The committee has created Pre Field Trip Activities for your students to motivate them and to provide  familiarity with the terminology and the concepts  we will be using at the museum . Please download and print these activities for each of your students and spend some guided instructional time before your field-trip.



Post Field Trip Student Activities

Post Field Trip Activities Answer Key


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Once your trip has been booked, please refer to the Field Trip Guide for more information on procedures and directions for teachers and parents.