Middle/Junior High & High School

Middle/Junior High & High School Program

CIMM is proud to present a new program for students in middle school and high school, focusing on the Port of Hueneme and local maritime history. This program runs approximately 2 hours 15 minutes accommodates a minimum of 8 students and 2 adults, maximum of 40 students. 

This program can include the following activites:

  • Field trips to Museum

An interactive museum experience in which students explore exhibits that stimulate ideas related to local, US and World History and Geography

  • Independent Study Assignment

Self guided exploration of exhibit for students

  • Classroom Activities

Pre and post field trip activities and a video for classroom use


The museumdocent led field trip activities include 3-4 activities, depending on your group size:

Seascape Gallery Walk

Students will be introduced to a variety of art work from the Masters, related to maritime and world history and geography, then students interact with same pictures, making predictions to thought provoking questions.

Pre Field Trip Activity – Seascape Gallery Walk


Historic Coastal Art

Five works of art are shared, each telling a story about a moment in local coastal history as related to US and World History. The docent will explain art concepts as well as the historical significance of each piece, weaving a story that includes all of the pieces of art into a greater story of the California coast. Students then revisit each piece of art, review concepts learned and are encouraged to make predictions to answer questions.

Pre Field Trip Activity – Historic Coastal Art


Port of Hueneme Exhibit

Students will explore the exhibit with a partner, searching for information about the Port of Hueneme, which is the largest port on the coast of California between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Students will find out that there are products that they use and consume on a daily basis that come through the Port of Hueneme. They will also learn which countries are involved in the import and export of products locally and the types of vessels that are used. They will also learn about the maritime history of the area, how and why the port was developed, and where the name “Hueneme” came from. 

Pre Field Trip Activity – Port of Hueneme


Port of Hueneme History Video/Slide Show (optional)

The story of the struggle of two generations of men to see their vision of a deep water port to support the community. This can be part of the museum experience, or a pre or post activity for the classroom.


Asiatic Explorations

Suitable for grades 6-7

This module ties in to ancient civilizations and the concept of trading, focusing on the Chinese treasure ships that sailed between 1405 and 1433. Students engage in an interactive exercise to predict cargo items traded by these ships between China and other ancient empires. Students also identify China’s trading partners, increasing their knowledge of the geography of Asia, the Middle East and Africa. A model of the ship, which was the largest wooden ship ever built, is on display for students to view as well as a Korean turtle ship from the same time period.

Pre Field Trip Activity – Asiatic Explorations


Tour of Current Museum Exhibit

Featured exhibits at the museum change every few months.



Once your trip has been booked, please refer to the Field Trip Guide for more information on procedures and directions for teachers and parents.