Beginning September 9, 2021, the Channel Islands Maritime Museum will be presenting its latest exhibition “1991” in its Brenda and Gary Farr Gallery. Featuring the incredible work of maritime painting masters including Francis Swain, Robert Salmon, and Thomas Buttersworth, the exhibition offers a unique glimpse into the maritime world of the 18th and 19th centuries.

“The 1991 exhibition offers us a chance to look back at what makes the Channel Islands Maritime Museum so special,” says CIMM Exhibitions and Collections Manager, Olivia Morris. “Pulling together some of the best works in our collection, “1991” will feature masterpieces that have not been on display in years, if not decades. “1991” explores the motivations behind our foundations and our unique purpose: to house a rich collection of incomparable maritime art for public enrichment and enjoyment.”

“1991” runs through December 20, 2021. Entrance to the exhibition is included in the price of admission to CIMM.

sailor’s pockets

“Sailor’s Pockets” is a close look at the odd, intimate, and useful objects sailors carried with them at sea. Enduring cramped living spaces and dangerous working conditions, sailors could only carry what was vital to them and their way of life. This exhibit features a small number of items that will be rotated regularly for six months to explore a variety of time periods and a diversity of people. Join CIMM as it looks at what incredible things sailors used to eat, drink, smoke, and play!