seascape gallery

Seascape masterpiece paintings by Dutch, English, and French artists from 1600 to 1850, as well as world-class ship models from the same time period.


  • Le Havre, Bassin De L’eure painted in 1872 by Eugene-Louis Boudin (1824-1898), who was mentor to famed Impressionist Claude Monet.
  • The oldest painting in the CIMM collection painted in 1622, Dutch Men-of-War off a Rocky Coast with Fishermen on the Beach with Their Catch by Adam Willaerts (1577-1644).

marple deconstructed

The Marple Model Ship Collection

The stunning and complete collection of local model master maker Edward Marple.

Nelson’s nook

This exhibit tells the story of Admiral Lord Nelson and the famous Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

sailors & prisoners

This exhibit features Prisoner of War Bone Models from the Napoleonic Wars, the era covering 1790 to 1815, created by French sailors who were captured by the British and imprisoned in England. CIMM boasts the second largest collection of this type of model in the United States.

Also on exhibit: woolie (embroidery), scrimshaw, and sailors tools

North gallery

This area features paintings and models during the time of the American Revolution. Also in this gallery is an exhibit of models from the American Civil War and how their innovation had an effect on the future of the Navies, as well as models and paintings of majestic Clipper Ships. This gallery also displays paintings depicting the dramatic adventures of fishermen sailing on the North Atlantic, as well as the sleepy northwest lumber ship docks.

asiatic explorations

Featuring The Korean Turtle Boat, which was successful in driving away the invading Japanese over 400 years ago; and the  Chinese treasure ship of Admiral Zheng, which first sailed in 1405 and nearly changed history.


port of hueneme

A fact-filled and interactive display of the Port of Hueneme, the largest commercial port between Los Angeles and San Francisco.  

age of exploration

Learn about nautical explorers and their contributions to the discovery of North America and California.

life of a sailor

Knot tying and scrimshaw were two activities that sailors engaged in on long voyages at sea. Explore both of these sailors arts with interactive knot tying displays and CIMM’s Scrimshaw Collection.

ships in bottles

Whales and whaling

la jenelle – the ship with five names

SS Borinquen was a passenger liner which was built in the United States in 1931. After being requisitioned for troop transport service by the United States Army for World War II and continued service post war the ship was sold in 1949 and became the Arosa Star. After further sales and change in the cruise ship regulations, the ship was again sold and grounded as La Jenelle on the California coast in 1970. CIMM features many artifacts from the ship its collection.

the brenda and gary farr gallery

Changing four to six times annually, this gallery highlights fascinating aspects of maritime culture and history and features local and visiting artists and collections in various exhibits. Upcoming exhibitions in 2022 include Coast Guard Art and “71%”.